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"In addition to her commitment, integrity, and spiritual wisdom, Stephanie is uniquely gifted with respect to the intensive study of God’s Word and the communication of biblical truth to others, especially women. She has a passion to see women discover who they are in Christ as women and to find the deep joy, satisfaction, freedom, and sense of purpose that comes from following God’s design for womanhood in every area of life. She has written and taught the GEMS bible study resources with that end in mind, and, to me, that is what sets GEMS apart. More than a multi-week study that addresses a single issue for a short period of time, GEMS is founded on the premise from Titus 2 that fully-orbed biblical womanhood is the project of a lifetime that needs constant encouragement, community, and regular instruction." Dr. Eric Hankins, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church

"I can be completely confident that the teaching I receive from Stephanie each month at GEMS has been bathed in prayer, spoken from the Holy Spirit and voraciously studied in the Word and also many commentaries. It is so evident when you listen to Stephanie talk about anything, from recipes to the Word of God, that she is passionate about her love affair with her Savior." Meredith Meurrier

“I have been the owner of two Christian book stores since 1985. After reviewing the GEMS curriculum and resources, I truly believe that it is not only unique but also a valuable resource for young women and mothers. The concept incorporates Christian fellowship, which is much needed for young women and mothers, a study based on Biblical principles, and innovative hands-on practical application. After the fellowship, bible study, hands-on application, and weekly homework, I believe these women not only learn God’s Word but also understand how to apply it to their valuable lives. I would recommend this resource to any customer in my stores.” Rosemary Brewer, Owner, Promises and Praise Christian Stores

"Since starting GEMS, I have gotten a better grasp on what God's plan is for me- how to be a better wife and mother is probably the best thing. My husband and I faced a pretty big obstacle that began a year before GEMS, and we thought we couldn't handle it. We found out that even though we tried every possible way to work it out, we could not. And then I remembered what I had learned in Session 6 about serving my husband and that we were one flesh. I was lead to 1 Peter 5:6-11, and I know that we have turned over our faith to Jesus to handle our situation and are now standing on a new firm foundation." Barbara Magee

"I didn’t know if I should be a part of the GEMS ministry…I was yet to be a mom. Now I have a 3 month old son and we’ve reached Facet 3: Parenting with Eternal Perspective. The Lord would have it that I might be a part of this ministry to grow as a woman of God and as a wife so I might be a blessing as a mother. God has an incredible plan for each of us as women and it’s been exhilarating to discover and rediscover all that He reveals in His love letter to us- His Holy Word!" HeatherLea Hopson

“GEMS has been a blessing in my life multiple ways. There is such wonderful fellowship that takes place at the beginning of GEMS. Each month I look forward to seeing these ladies who have become an important part of my life to exchange dessert, life stories, battles, and encouragement. The wisdom that God gives to Stephanie for each session never ceases to amaze me. From learning to pray and interact personally with God to refining our relationships with our husbands and raising Godly children, the Facets in GEMS have been full of new insight. My favorite thing about GEMS is that it is completely based on Scripture. I am constantly learning new truths that I use in everyday living, growing, and planning for the future. I would recommend GEMS to all women!” Holli Ratcliffe