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Speaking Topics

12 Attributes of God’s Word

Have you ever wondered how some women are so intimately connected with Jesus and why they look forward with great expectation to spending time in Scripture? This topic unpacks the simple truth that true intimacy with Jesus results when you become willing to linger awhile in His Word. Twelve attributes of God’s Word are explored, and these attributes demonstrate that the Bible is the only solid foundation upon which to build your life. You will walk away from this session fully confident in the totality of Scripture and reassured that it is the only instruction manual you need for life and godliness.

Choosing to ABIDE

This topic describes the holy makeover that occurs when a woman begins to faithfully ABIDE in the Word. Through an in-depth study of John 15:1-17, you will discover the process of becoming Adjusted, Bountiful, Ingrained, Disciplined, and Enlightened by God’s holy Word. This topic also contains a hands-on practical component which teaches you how to study Scripture using the ABIDE acronym and various commentaries.

Conversing with the Savior

Do you wish your prayer life was powerful and effective? As women, we naturally feel compelled to talk but often forget the value of listening. This topic focuses on the importance of a two-way conversation with the Father. You'll learn that listening to Jesus is just as essential as talking with Him.

Serving your Husband and Submitting to his Authority

Do you ever feel the urge to clap your hands over your ears like a two-year old when the topics of serving and submitting are brought up in conversation? If you answered yes to this question, this life-changing message is for you.This topic helps you embrace your call in Scripture to serve and submit by examining the example of Jesus. You'll discover how serving your husband and submitting to his authority is actually preparing you for your eternal marriage to the perfect bridegroom, Jesus Christ.

A Harvest of Righteousness

Do you desire to cultivate spiritual fruit in your child’s life but don’t know how to begin? Many times as mothers our biggest obstacle to success is our failure to plan.This topic helps you understand your child’s mandate in Scripture and which ripe fruit God longs to produce in your child’s life. The hands-on practical component provides mothers with a tangible method of sowing the fruit of righteousness into the hearts of their children so they leave equipped and encouraged.

Managing God’s Money

Do you desire to spend less so you can give more? If we’re honest, most of us desire to spend less so we can eventually get more. This topic unpacks the biblical principles of stewardship, and you’ll walk away prepared to use your resources to impact a lost world for Jesus Christ.

DECLUTTERing our Hearts and Homes

Do you struggle with God’s call to be a keeper of your home? When laundry litters the floor and dishes pile up in the sink, it’s easy to become disgruntled. This topic teaches you the importance of keeping your home in a society where homemakers are devalued and often degraded. You’ll learn how to cultivate a heart for your home and leave with a plan of action to pursue.

10 T’s of Time Management

Time—there never seems to be enough of it! As women, we’re constantly bombarded with multiple demands that pull us in many directions. This topic empowers you to wisely steward the time God gives you each day. Using the Time Stewardship Planner, you’ll visualize where your time is spent and what you need to do to maximize it.

Adorning Yourself for an Audience of One

Got it? Flaunt it! Don’t have it? Just pay someone to get it! Hollywood has such a hold on our society that even the evangelical church hasn’t escaped its clutches. We’re all too often consumed with our appearances, and Sunday morning is nothing short of a fashion show. This topic exhorts you to adorn yourself for an audience of One through an in-depth discussion of biblical beauty and modesty.