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Friday, January 28, 2011

Just "Be"

Do you ever get so busy with the hustle and bustle of life that you forget to just be?

As I lay with my four year-old son, Noah, in his bed tonight, we played our make-believe game of "animals." He's usually the beautiful blue rabbit with the fun floppy ears, and I'm the big brown monkey with the bright red nose. Together we act out silly stories that send us into fits of giggles. Even if we attempt to be serious and act out a Bible lesson we just learned, it's inevitable we'll wind up laughing.

After our game was over, I didn't rush off like I typically do, determined to get one last thing done before a new day dawns. Instead, I rolled over and scooped him in my arms. And in complete silence, I held my precious little boy for several minutes. As I smelled the sweet scent of his freshly shampooed hair and watched his little chest rise and fall, I relished in just be-ing.

Because so often I am busy do-ing.

I'm do-ing homeschooling.

I'm do-ing housework.

I'm do-ing laundry.

I'm do-ing dinner.

I'm do-ing things for Jesus.

And before I know it, I've missed the blessing of be-ing because I'm present in body, but absent in spirit.

In the stillness of silence, the Lord reminded me that do-ing doesn't equal be-ing. I can do and do and do and never be.

Our society measures productivity in terms of what we get done. I'm so thankful God doesn't measure my productivity in parenting that way.

A crucial aspect of loving our children as God commands us to in Titus 2:4 is willingly laying aside our doing at times to just be. And the beautiful thing about be-ing is that you don't have to be do-ing anything at all.


Anonymous said...

I LOVED this! I am going to repost!


Anonymous said...

I got so much out of this out of the hustle of this week! And I don't have kids!!! Heck I'm not even married... But I think it's something I really needed to hear :)

Emily Melton

Anonymous said...

This could not have come at a better time. I just finishes rambling to my husband about all my doing I didn't get done today. I did not even think about just being. My head gets so busy it is hard to focus on stillness and silence. Thank you! Your words are always on target for me. :)

Kim Goad Lavoie

Anonymous said...

Thank you Stephanie for this amazing reminder! My two precious boys will awake soon...and I can't wait to sit at the breakfast table and just BE with them! Have a great day!

Nichole Hamblin

Hester's Heart said...

Good word Girl!! Hester

Stephanie Garneau said...

Thanks,Shell! Emily, I'm glad it ministered to you! :) It doesn't matter if we're married or have children, we all need to "be" sometimes!!! Kim, it is hard to focus on stillness and silence, especially with little ones. I know God will show you how to get the important things done and leave the rest. I can't wait til you can come to GEMS!! Nichole, you are welcome. I miss you girl and know you are living life on purpose! :)Thanks, Hester. You are such a source of encouragement to me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie, What you said is so true. My friend that is a Christian counselor at Domestic Violence always tells me to stop and just breathe. It is basicly the same thing. Have a blessed day. Carolyn Coleman

Olga Wright Griffin said...

Your post was a real confirmation for me this afternoon. I had my first meeting with the Young Life leaders tonight and had planned on using 9 verses that had to do with "Be Still" and "Stand Firm." As I was leaving work I checked my email on my phone and saw your post. It was like a message from God saying this is just what my precious servants need and guess what??? They did.
I still want to talk with you regarding your GEMS material, so call me whenever you have a chance.

Debbie said...

I wish I would have read this post this morning instead of tonight. Missed a lot of opportunities today to just "be." Thanks for the wake-up call.

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