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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fixated...On Me, Myself, and I

Do you ever feel like God has called you to serve Him in a certain area and then find yourself in critique mode after you've done what He has asked you to do?

Tonight I had the opportunity to share a brief teaching from Scripture with the ladies at Bible study, but before I even sat down afterward, I was listing all of the things I should have said, how I could have used better analogies, etc., etc., etc.! I began to wonder why I am so often fixated on me, myself, and I.

And then, God, in His merciful voice, whispered to me... It's not about you, Stephanie. It's not your words...it's my WORD. All I have called you to do is proclaim its truth. To be in passionate pursuit of Me and allow others to see that passion. My Word is amazing all by itself. Even if you had not uttered one word in addition to mine, your message would have been complete because my Word lacks nothing.

Ahh, the freeing truth of Scripture. That God does not require perfection, just obedience. All we have to do is open our mouths and speak, knowing with full assurance that the outcome is in the hands of the One whose Word never returns void.


Anonymous said...

Hey, love this msg! Learned this weekend at church...It was about Jonah and how God called him when he was not fully matured. God still had a purpose for him to speak and for him to be used. Great encouragement to me to just be willing to be available...not perfect...just available! Thanks for sharing! Love, Michelle

Anonymous said...

His Word stands firm and I'm glad I can stand on it when I speak it over my family and my friends...thank you for reminding me that when I am obedient to speak His Word, He will make it fruitful in His wisdom, in His way (Isaiah 55:8)

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